Intumescent Paint For Steel & Cast Iron

Affinity can supply and apply the complete range of intumescent steel and cast iron fire protection paints and coatings that can be used on metal. These coatings can be for both internal and external metals such as steel building construction. Our great range of flame-resistant surface coatings provides the metal surface with a protective layer expanding with the heat from a fire which therefore protects the material below to maintain the structural stability of a metal building if there was to be a fire. From small uses such as BBQ grates to use on full buildings, we are sure to have the product that is perfect for you in our great range of flame-resistant and fireproof coatings for metal surfaces. Affinity takes our customer’s safety seriously and therefore we are only more than willing to provide you with any information or advice you need regarding intumescent coatings for steel and cast iron.

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